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What is corten steel? What are its grades?

Corten forms a rust-like protective layer on the surface when exposed to different weather elements. This low alloy steels possess high strength and is preferred for various outdoor applications.

The chemical composition of the steels has phosphorus, copper, chromium and nickel-molybdenum. This weathering steel is called Corten due to its two main properties- corrosion resistance and tensile strength

The corten material is a group of alloy steels available in Grade A, B and K. The grade A is suitable for aesthetic and flue gas applications where B is used in load bearing structures.

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Corten Vs Bare Steel

  • Corten contains specific alloying elements that are absent in bare steels. This is why corten costs higher and also possess the weathering properties.
  • Corten develops protective layer called patina when exposed to weather elements. Bare steel will rust without any added protective coating.
  • Corten metal shows improved corrosion resistance due to its chemical composition than the bare steels.
  • The rust color of corten is more towards orange, whereas for bare steels it is cinnamon brown. Thus, they may give different aesthetics appearance.
  • Corten material is used for outdoor applications whereas bare steels is for indoors. This is because corten forms a protective layer on the surface which can fight with harsh weather elements.
  • Corten steel stockist in India recommends them because the material required less maintenance and has greater longevity than bare steel products.
Corten Vs Bare Steel

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Corten Steel Weathering Process

How long does it take for corten steel to weather? How would you protect it?

Generally, core10 will weather within six months of exposure. They would develop and oxidize the best with wet/dry cycles of weather. It may also take up to three years to form the patina depending on the exact climatic conditions.

The chances of getting a rust run-off are higher in the initial days. To protect the corten steel stock, you should:

  • Keep them away from run-off water as it can stain the surrounding material.
  • You can also apply protective coatings to seal the patina and prevent them from staining.
  • If you want to speed up the weathering process, spray a mixture of water, salt and vinegar as wet conditions are needed for rust formation.
  • You can also install gravel border around the patina to catch the run-off.

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Are corten and weathering steel the same thing ?

Corten is a brand name for weathering steel and the terms are often used interchangeably.

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What are the benefits of corten?

  • It shows high corrosion resistance and tensile strength.
  • Corten steel price per kg may be expensive but it needs low maintenance, which makes it cost-effective over time.
  • Corten steel stockholder suggests the products for architectural application due to its rustic appearance.
  • It is a sustainable and environment friendly product.

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Pre-rusted weathering steel

Can you get pre-rusted weathering steel?

Some Corten steel supplier in India might offer pre rusted weathering steel. But they are not very abundantly available.

Instead your corten steel exporter might suggest you to accelerate the weathering process by placing the steels in salt water or sand. You can also use rust activator solution on the surface.

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